More than 90% of all Christians know that their purpose and their vision from God lies outside the pulpit of the local church. Unfortunately, few know how to release that vision and walk in it successfully.

The Glory Returns to the Workplace unveils God’s strategies in a clear and practical way as a stepping-stones to help you walk into the fullness of your call and destiny. You will be challenged to allow God’s presence to be manifested in your life – right in your job- as you allow the gifts and power of God’s Spirit to flow through your life and into the lives of others.

Workplace Church

The fivefold ministry training and equipping division for all workplace churches. Get your free manuals - hearing the Voice of God in the Workplace, Finding your Destiny, Working out your call, Finding what’s in your Field, Crossing the Jordan in the spirit and starting a workplace church

Is your occupation a never-ending drudgery? Or is it a divine assignment that enables you to move into your true destiny? Richard Fleming thinks that your work can be glorious, and he argues the point very convincingly in The Glory Returns to the Workplace. You will not go wrong by using this book as a road map to help you walk successfully through your life experience.
C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle
International Coalition of Apostles
“Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will manifest His glory in the workplace the same as He does within the local Church. Likewise, all of the gifts and graces of God are just as available to saints in the workplace as they are to saints in the pew of the local church. Jesus told us to pray and participate with God in making His will to be done on earth as it is in being done in Heaven. For God’s decree to be fulfilled - that the glory of the Lord would fill the earth as the waters cover the sea”
Dr. Bill Hamon
Chairman and Founder, Christian International Ministries Network