Living Seeds

Living Seeds Training & Business Schools is a Social Enterprise. Our vision is to empower the 70% of young people in Sierra Leone who are unemployed to rise up out of poverty and come into all they were meant to be – through providing a combination of high-quality vocational training and significant employment opportunities within our own manufacturing activities. These activities not only provide employment but also fund the ongoing operating costs of the training school.

At the same time, in a nation that came last in Transparency International’s global Corruption Index, and where many of the norms of social behaviour have been lost, we want to demonstrate the values of honesty and integrity in the marketplace.

At the centre of all this is our Christian faith and the motivation behind all that we do. We seek to work out the deep compassion of Christ for the poor, the needy and the dispossessed in the life and activities of our school and business enterprise.


Governance Ministries is pioneering workplace church given birth to by God for the purpose of doing His business with cities and nations.


The primary objectives of the Governance Ministries Trust are:

  • To advance the Christian religion by the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance with the articles of belief set down in the Trust Deed and to extend the Christian faith;
  • To advance the education of the public and, in particular, to teach and encourage the adoption of Biblical principles and ethics amongst those working in industry and commerce;
  • To promote, train and develop excellence in Church governance and administration in order to facilitate the release of committed Christians into evangelism enabling them to preach and teach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To undertake research on spiritual matters, in particular, the concept of Church growth the translation of secular management techniques into a church context and spiritual dimensions affecting high performance teams and to arrange for the publication and dissemination of the results of such research; and
  • To promote such other charitable objects as the Trustees shall from time to time determine.